Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Tutu Rentals

In the past 2 years working for the university, I would on occasion rent tutus out from our inventory. Most times the tutus would fit especially if the costume was worn by similar college aged dancer. But, and here is the dilemma I ran into, moms would find out I rent and call and hope that I would have something to fit their 12 year old. Hmm, highly unlikely. I thought wouldn't it be great if I had some tutus that would fit the younger dancer, looking for a solo tutu. So, in January I found myself with opportunity to acquire some custom made ones, some of which needed finishing work still or had missing parts but the deal was too great to pass up. Last month I finished most of them and along with some I already made, I had a little photo shoot with my friend Rachael Hodson and a young dancer. Here are the results. All of these tutus are available to rent. Please contact me for any inquiries at Some size adjustments can be made with provided measurements. I will send a measurement guide to use along with rental contract. If you don't see what you are looking for just ask. I also rent out ballet costumes from BYU. A minimum of two week notice is required for rental requests. More tutus to come, stay tuned.

Esmeralda, black, gold, copper, green.
bust 36, waist 26, high hip 34

Pale blue and white.
bust 31, waist 24.5, high hip 32.5


Peach and silver XSmall

Green size Small

Pink romantic/belle tutu Size Small

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