Monday, September 12, 2016

Tech Rehearsal

This week is tech for the upcoming Dance in Concert. The last two years, the craziness of this time of year made me sick and then I would question what have I done to myself and is this worth it. My kids were often somewhere in the house doing I have no idea what and I was caught up in some sort of vortex trying to swim backwards and forwards in thick mud. This year has been different in a good way. I have been so much more relaxed about what needs to happen, partly because costume requests came earlier in the summer and I could spread things out, getting what could be done early before auditions. There still was the very tight timeframe between casting and tech rehearsal but I had help from my over hire stitcher to complete alterations. There was also one number that was switched out for another last minute at the request of the director of the show. Luckily, it was for the film we just did featuring 7 dancers. Now being on a a large stage, the artistic director and I agreed that the entire cast should be involved to fill out the stage. I asked the cast to look in their own closets and then I shopped the rest to fill in needed pieces. I will post more photos soon here are a couple of highlights.

Costume sketches for Tabula Rasa. Choreographed by Shayla Bott

Lots of La Sylphide wings ready to be set in costumes. Made from 14g
wire, craft wire, angelina sheets, and puff paint.

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