Tuesday, September 6, 2016


This last October, I worked with Garrett Smith to create costumes for the piece he set at BYU called Phases. His inspiration came from the lunar eclipse which had recently took place.... He had very specific ideas and colors to be used.  I had a very short time but his concept would not have worked with bought pieces; I had to construct them. So I got to work with sourcing burgundy and mustard velvet. I looked at several sources before I found the shades that would work, going by my instinct to make the final decision. When working with guest artist it is hard to show ideas completely via email, etc. Colors don't always look the same as they do in person.

Pictured above are three bodices in process. I went straight into fabric using a Travis Halsey pattern... and not using my own to save time. Here are the approved designs and the finish costumes below.

Finished costumes back stage

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