Wednesday, February 17, 2016

The End of a Season-A Look Back part 1

Work has been none stop for me since May. I have taken very few days off and some weeks I worked overtime. Work was so busy, they asked me why and I kindly reminded them about "The Big Show" Alice in Wonderland we were doing.  Most of the work I do is done from my home studio since there is no shop on campus for me to work out of. The production decided I should hire students to give them a mentoring experience. It was a lot of hard work and required many more hours of on campus work. I did for a short time through the summer have access to two different on campus costume shops and majority of the build was complete before fall semester. By September, I was ready for first fittings, no mock up fittings for us, since casting and tech and other shows end up right on top of each other. I also lost my student employees and so hired local professional contractors to help with the remainder of the build and all the finishing work.

We built 78 costumes for Alice In Wonderland, a completely brand new show for us. On top of this show, I worked on two new contemporary pieces by Garrett Smith and Duncan Cooper. Duncan's called The Gathering, is beautiful piece of people coming together. The women wore leotards and black footless tights wore over the top. They added black character skirts in the third movement.  The leotards had nude mesh shoulders and being at BYU I had to spray those a different color. I chose Design Master in Prairie Green. With lighting, the mesh looked grey which is what I wanted in the first place just couldn't get that color locally.  The picture shows cast in studio lighting so you can see the mesh as green.  The men wore fitted athletic shirts with grey accent stitching and color block leggings.

In studio picture of Company wearing costumes from The Gathering

A short clip of them in performance

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