Saturday, February 6, 2016

A Part of My Soul

I have been costuming for the better part of 20 years. It seems to have become an integral part of my life, my second love, my family being my first. It has only been in the past few years, I have found a place to become something more, to create and design again.

Recently, I volunteered at my daughter's school career day. With portfolio and a bag of tutus in hand, I visited four classrooms and talked about what I get to do everyday. It was fun seeing their eager faces and answer their questions. I hope they will one day work in jobs they love.

Last summer, I took some classes through Tutus That Dance Seminar in Las Vegas. I meet many wonderful tutu makers from around the globe. It was an amazing experience and hope to return again in the future. I find in this field there is always something new to learn, questions to ask, inspiration to glean. This is why I keep coming back, I am a perpetual student. It is how I started in costuming.

I went from a home sewing background to theatre costuming one while in college. There are many differences between the two. I asked a lot of questions as I was thrown into the middle of a crazy build season. Never used industrial machines but had a strong understanding of basic construction, thanks to my mom.  I worked my way up from a stitcher to a first hand in less than a year, much quicker than the norm.

Driving home today, I saw a billboard for Tuachan's upcoming season and noticed Peter Pan is one of the shows. I co-designed Peter Pan there in 2006.
I leave you some production photos to enjoy.
Peter Pan and his Shadow
The Lost Boys

Captain Hook

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